Name Date of Birth Qualification Date of Joining Subjects Handles Grades Handles
Jamsheera V D.O.B28/01/1986 QualificationM.com,B.Ed,SET D.O.J1/7/2015 Subjects HandlesCOMMERCE , MATHS, SS Grades HandlesPlu 2, Plus 1,VIII,IV,111
Raseena .V.P D.O.B27/05/1982 QualificationMA.B.Ed,SET D.O.J1/7/2015 Subjects Handles ECONOMICS, POLITICS,GEOGRAPHY,EVS Grades HandlesPlus 2, Plus 1, IX,111
Sabira KV D.O.B30/04/1975 QualificationMA.B.Ed D.O.J6/7/2015 Subjects HandlesARABIC Grades HandlesPIus2, Plus1,8
Safeena C.T D.O.B11/4/1990 QualificationM.Sc, B.Ed,SET D.O.J1/7/2015 Subjects HandlesPHYSICS , MATHS Grades HandlesPIus2, Plus1,X,IX,VIII,VII,V
Sameema C D.O.B1/6/1981 QualificationMA.M.Ed D.O.J1/7/2015 Subjects HandlesHISTORY, GEOGRAPHY Grades HandlesPlus2,X,IX,VI,V,IV
Sanitha D.O.B16/04/1983 QualificationMA, B.Ed D.O.J1/7/2015 Subjects HandlesENGLISH Grades HandlesPlus2,plus1,X,IX
Arifa K D.O.B25 /05 /1990 QualificationMsc, B. Ed D.O.J1/6/2016 Subjects HandlesBOTANY, ZOLOGY, BIOLOGY Grades HandlesPlus2,Plus1,X, IX,VI I I,VI I,V
Shathiya D.O.B20/01/1988 QualificationMcom, B.Ed,Set D.O.J1/6/2016 Subjects HandlesCOMMERCE, BUSINESS STUDIES, SS, SOCIOLOGY Grades HandlesPIus2, Plus1,VII,IV
Prajisha .N D.O.B27/03/1983 QualificationBA. B.Ed D.O.J16/06/2016 Subjects HandlesHINDI Grades HandlesII to X
Saleena D.O.B25/07/1975 Qualificationstandard - X D.O.J5/7/2015 Subjects HandlesKG ASSISTANT Grades Handles
Zeenath D.O.B10/7/1976 Qualificationstandard - X D.O.J13/06/2016 Subjects HandlesKG ASSISTANT & BUS CONDUCTOR Grades Handles
Sumayya.P D.O.B24/09/1994 QualificationBA ENGLISH D.O.J23/06/2016 Subjects HandlesKG TEACHER Grades HandlesKG
Safna D.O.B6/5/1986 QualificationMsc,B. Ed D.O.J5/8/2016 Subjects HandlesCHEMISTRY, SCIENCE Grades HandlesPIus2, Plus1,X,IX,VIII,VI,
Shajna Begum D.O.B25/01/1975 QualificationNTTC,PRE-PRI D.O.J17/10/2016 Subjects HandlesKG TEACHER Grades HandlesKG
Pardo Olga D.O.B06/12/10982 QualificationLLB D.O.J01/06/2017 Subjects HandlesKG Teacher Grades HandlesKG
Haseena Jasmin.P D.O.B23/04/1987 QualificationBA, B.ED D.O.J29/05/2017 Subjects HandlesEnglish Grades HandlesIII to VIII
Shahanas D.O.B31/05/1984 QualificationMA D.O.J01/06/2017 Subjects HandlesLPSA Grades HandlesI,II
Jihana CK D.O.B15/08/1994 QualificationPlus Two, D.Ed D.O.J01/06/2017 Subjects HandlesLPSA Grades HandlesI,II,III
Sameera Kv D.O.B31/05/1983 QualificationM.Ed D.O.J01/06/2017 Subjects HandlesMS, Arabic Grades HandlesI to IV, VIII, IX, X
Pushpa k D.O.B16/03/1971 QualificationB,Ed,Set D.O.J01/06/2017 Subjects HandlesMalayalam Grades HandlesIX to Plus2
Shina C K D.O.B17/05/1978 QualificationBA, B.Ed D.O.J03/07/2017 Subjects HandlesMalayalam Grades HandlesIV to IX
Ayisha K.M D.O.B28/10/1978 QualificationMsc, B.Ed D.O.J21/07/2017 Subjects HandlesH.M Grades Handles
Femina KK D.O.B01/01/1992 QualificationMA, B.Ed D.O.J24/07/2017 Subjects HandlesArabic Grades HandlesIII to VII, IX, X
Shivashankaran D.O.B QualificationMsc, B.Ed D.O.J01/07/2017 Subjects HandlesMathematics Grades HandlesPlus1, Plus2
Shahina C D.O.B QualificationMsc D.O.J11/09/2017 Subjects HandlesCA, Maths, IT Grades HandlesIII to Plus2
Rajendran D.O.B QualificationBsc, B.Ed D.O.J11/09/2017 Subjects HandlesMathematics Grades HandlesVIII to X
Fathima Nishma D.O.B18/05/1991 QualificationPlus 2, Muhallima D.O.J Subjects HandlesMS, Arabic Grades HandlesLKG, II, V, VI, VII
Fathimath Swaliha D.O.B04/10/1994 QualificationSSLC, Hafizah D.O.J01/11/2015 Subjects HandlesQuran Grades HandlesIX to Plus2
Umaiba D.O.B08/05/1977 QualificationBA D.O.J06/06/2016 Subjects HandlesMS, Arabic Grades HandlesKG to VII
Pyari D.O.B QualificationM Phil D.O.J Subjects HandlesPhysics Grades HandlesPlus2, Plus1


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